For any retailer, SENDYS Explorer has a range of solutions to helps streamline your business processes, whether that’s printing graphics in-house to advertise the latest deals, secure document sharing or boosting sales with takeaway printouts.

SENDYS Explorer saves retailers time and money by minimising shrinkage/storage days, allowing managers to monitor and limit printer usage remotely and accelerating the sales process from POS to purchase.

The main challenge facing retailers every day is converting browsing customers to sales. Ensuring a customer has all the information they need to make an informed decision, guiding them through a store and providing added value, personalised services are all crucial to making a sale and, perhaps more importantly, securing customer loyalty.

Retailers face various external costs that can eat into profits, too: from relying on third-party printers to provide graphics, and the subsequent time delay when waiting for banners and posters, to relying on outdated devices that delays customer service, resulting in frustrated customers and a loss of sales.

One of SENDYS Explorer’s principal benefits for retailers is the ability to print high-quality signage and banners in-house. When a sales opportunity arises, instead of waiting for an external print company to design, print and send graphics, a retailer using SENDYS Explorer can share and edit digitised documents via the cloud before printing professional-standard assets to be placed on the shop floor that day. From neon colours and white toner to water-resistant, double-sided artwork, the adaptable system works with any MFP in any business.

Another key advantage for SENDYS users is the ability to offer personalised takeaway documents for customers deciding on a purchase. Rather than using ‘hard sell’ techniques, sales staff can quickly customise and print a whole catalogue or a single document, all via a mobile device, to offer prospective buyers a visual aid and help them make a decision, for example optional colours, fabrics or dimensions when purchasing an item of furniture.

  • Boost sales by printing personalised ‘takeaways’ for prospective buyers
  • Monitor and reduce print costs and wastage with the Pull-Printing feature
  • Accelerate the sales process with distributed printing in environments where a high customer touchpoint accelerates the sales process
  • Increase cost efficiency with alerts, for example warnings about toner use, reducing shrinkage
  • Print professional-quality graphics up to 120cm in-house and respond to sales opportunities faster
  • iOS/Android apps allow any mobile device user with access to print from any enabled device
  • Card authentication ensures security and privacy of confidential documents

Use Cases

On-demand printing

Being able to respond quickly to a sudden change in either the supply chain or customer demand is crucial to the success of any business; if you can’t react in time, you’ll be left behind.


An area manager overseeing multiple shops across a large region has seen that one of his buyers accidentally over-ordered a product for a particular branch, leaving them with a huge amount of excess stock costing them money and taking up space.


Despite not being at the branch, the area manager quickly creates A3 banners and A4 signage with a promotional offer to sell as much of the excess stock as possible. He files the finished promotional materials into a shared SE folder, enabling store staff to immediately print the banners and signage and place them on the shop floor.

Later, the area manager decides to increase the discount to shift even more stock. He edits the materials remotely on his tablet device and sends them straight to the right MFP. Staff access the shared folder, print the updated materials and shift the stock in no time.

Key Benefits

  • Respond rapidly to market changes and keep your competitive edge
  • Create high-quality, custom marketing materials instantly and in-house in any size from small flyers to A3 banners
  • Increase profits and customer loyalty with offers and promotions
  • Improve communication and streamline processes by easily sharing files

Customised Collateral

If you value customer loyalty, you’ll understand that customers want to feel special and experience a tailored service. It’s impossible to offer potential buyers genuinely helpful, personalised information when relying on standard catalogues and brochures.


A customer is browsing a small furniture store looking to buy a sofa for her newly-redecorated living room, but she’s struggling to make a decision. The furniture shop assistant doesn’t want to press the customer into making a choice with a ‘hard sell’ technique, but knows that the store has a far greater range of styles that can’t be displayed due to limited floor space.


The assistant uses SENDYS Explorer-enabled MFP to create a customised ‘takeaway’ leaflet for the customer, showing the customer a range of colour, fabric, and price ranges - even one’s not available in-store - on his tablet, before printing the personalised catalogue directly from the device via WIFI for the customer to browse later.

The customer leaves the store to read her ‘takeaway’ documents, feeling empowered to make an informed decision and having enjoyed a personalised, dedicated service.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure customers receive a professional and personal service by offering ‘takeaways’ customised to their needs
  • Showcase items that aren’t in-store to boost sales
  • Give staff the tools and information they need to perform more confidently
  • Reduce costs by printing personalised catalogues when required, instead of multiple generic ones

Remote Management

While it’s great to offer customers coupons and vouchers, relying on an external printer for all your graphics and materials can result in a lot of waiting around for goods to be delivered, as well as mounting expenses.


A shop manager is spending a large amount of money on printing by relying on the local printer to create high volumes of colour coupons and discount vouchers for her to offer customers and boost her average transaction values.


With SENDYS Explorer, the shop manager can print high-quality coupons in house at a fraction of the cost, thanks to SE’s LED technology, and Pull-Printing ensures she only prints as many coupons as she needs.

The shop manager can also edit the coupons and react to over-orders or seasonal changes quickly, and by placing the documents in a shared file her shop assistant can print them off on-site and have them set up almost instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Minimise costs by monitoring print and scan jobs from anywhere
  • Print stunning graphics in-house as and when you need them
  • Reduce wastage by only ever printing as much as you need
  • React quickly to market changes and remain competitive
  • Share documents remotely to streamline processes

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