Paper documents delaying processes, accidental duplication of data and inefficient workflows: Offices face a range of issues and it can be hard to streamline processes, but with SENDYS Explorer it’s possible to boost efficiencies, increase revenue and save time.

By digitising time-consuming, manual front-office processes and dramatically reducing time spent on administrative tasks, an office can run more efficiently, allowing staff to stop waiting on print jobs and start focussing on growing the business.

Typical front- and back-office problems harming office productivity range from manually archiving, storing and handling paper documents, human error when capturing data resulting in wasted time and money and a poor customer experience and silos of unshared data resulting from poor communication.

On top of administrative errors and time-consuming paper-based processes, outdated printing solutions can be expensive and wasteful. Without the ability to monitor office printing, company money is unnecessarily spent on excess paper and toner usage, confidential documents can be left in the print tray for anyone to view and the entire office is less environmentally friendly.

SENDYS Explorer allows offices to digitise multiple processes, from admin to data capture, boosting efficiency and streamlining the entire company’s paper trail. SENDYS’ Flex Connector allows for the configuration of document-scanning workflows, connecting to third-party applications, for example a Document Management System, via XML interface. With one click, you can securely transform any paper document into a range of editable formats, including .jpeg, .txt, .tiff and .pdf, or Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Digitised documents are then available on any enabled device, saving print time and ensuring information is shared across the company. Only those with authentication can access files and, with Private Print, confidential documents can require a PIN or card to be viewed.

For HR departments, the hardware fleet overview offers usage statistics and print reports per user and department, while alerts ensure any errors are immediately reported and toner shortages, for example, are addressed as and when required.

  • One-touch document digitisation that integrates seamlessly with a range of 3rd-party applications, including Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive and more
  • Easily transform paper documents into almost any editable format, including .txt, .tiff, .png, .jpeg and .pdf
  • Access digitised documents from any office, at any time, ensuring total connectivity across the company
  • Guarantee security and privacy with Private Print for peace of mind regarding confidential documents
  • Increase efficiency with an overview of device usage, as well as alerts and error messages
  • Manage and monitor users’ print, copy and scan jobs to minimise wastage, save money and reduce environmental impact

Use Cases

Digitising Workflows

In a busy office with multiple printers and paper documents, human error can result in lost files, misprints and wastage; added up, these little mistakes can add up to a lot of wasted time and, ultimately, money.


An HR manager in a busy office has been tasked with cutting print costs, reducing the office’s carbon footprint and improving document security, as the office handles confidential files for many clients, by targeting staff members printing wasteful jobs and improving filing systems.


The first step is digitising workflows using SENDYS Explorer, thus reducing the amount of paper in the office by scanning documents and transforming them into digital files such as TXT, TIFF, PNG, JPEG and PDF, which are easily stored, searched for, shared and edited.

To protect client data, the HR manager sets up user ID and password authentication against Active Directory, ensuring only those with the right level of access can see private documents.

The whole team can now share files faster than before and, with less printing taking place, the office’s paper usage and environmental impact has been dramatically reduced. Plus, lost documents and human error affecting proper archiving are no longer an issue, as the digitised documents are safely stored by SENDYS Explorer.

Key Benefits

  • Digitise workflows and streamline processes with one-touch scanning
  • Ensure maximum security with ID and password authentication
  • Boost productivity with faster document sharing via SENDYS
  • Improve archiving and reduce time spent searching for paper documents with automated filing
  • Reduce printing costs and environmental impact with digitised processes

Advanced OCR Document Workflow

A key challenge facing many offices is managing paper documents; sending files to clients and customers, making small edits and then reprinting, archiving documents in such a way as to be easily found again; they all add up to reduced efficiencies and wasted money.


An account manager needs to send a client a brochure her company has been working on, but with multiple amends being made she must repeatedly print off multiple variations of the same brochure. This leaves her with a confusing pile of different, outdated brochures which she must sort through and compare to find the right one to send to the client.


The AM sets up a new document workflow on SENDYS Explorer to digitise the brochure, using one-touch scanning to instantly digitise the document. The OCR engine automatically recognises the kind of document being scanned and extracts the purchase order number.

On the MFPs display panel a validation screen appears. The AM confirms the information extracted and the document is named and stored as a PDF on a centralised file server, so it can be easily located.

SENDYS Explorer then creates an SQL entry in the customer database recording the kind of document, the purchase number and the location of the file; when the AM scans an updated version of the brochure SE replaces it with the latest version of the document. Once finalised, the AM sends the document, or simply a code, to the client to print as and when they like.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline various office processes with digitised workflows
  • Save time and money by reducing paper usage and cutting down wasteful printing
  • Easily archive and share documents by digitising them with one-touch scanning and automating their filing
  • Improve customer and client relations by responding to their needs faster

Managed Print Services

For smaller offices, unexpected technical errors can be the cause of multiple problems. As well as holding up the day’s work, not staying on top of your hardware can result in costly repairs, delays and reducing productivity by forcing staff to rely on emergency alternatives.


An office manager for a small insurance company urgently needs to print off a confidential document for a customer, but a paper jam due to another member of staff’s forgotten print job has left the office printer out of action.


The scanner is still working, so the office manager uses one-touch scanning to digitise her document and save it to a shared folder, making sure she sets a PIN so only she can access it. On another SENDYS Explorer-enabled printer she accesses the document from her mobile device, enters the PIN and prints the files she needs.

Automatic document deletion ensures that the document is deleted after printing, so no one else can access it. Later, the Manage Print Services alert her that toner is low in the newly-fixed office MFP, so she buys exactly the required amount of ink on her way back.

The office manager then sets up Fleet Overview to monitor the office MFPs and send her detailed reports on print statistics and usage, ensuring a broken printer won’t slow up the office again.

Key Benefits

  • Stay on top of printer health with regular reports and usage updates
  • Prevent forgotten jobs wasting paper, money and time by managing staff print jobs remotely
  • Guarantee complete security with PIN authorisation and automated document deletion
  • Reduce costs by only purchasing the required amount of consumables using Manage Print Services
  • Access and print documents anywhere, anytime with Mobile capabilities

Streamlining Processes (Variable Data Printing)

When it comes to streamlining the way a business works and economising on costs, it’s easy to target larger factors and overlook printing processes, but they can have a big impact; little inefficiencies add up over time to a big problem.


A large bank wants to offer better customer service, empower its employees and manage its environmental impact and has identified office printing as a way to tackle all three.


SENDYS Explorer dramatically reduces the number of devices needed across the business, providing the manager with better cost transparency from every branch and enabling simpler yet more secure ways to manage customer data.

With digitised workflows, customer on-boarding is faster, using less paper and freeing up staff time previously spent on administrative tasks. The manager also enforces key card and PIN security, so the bank can guarantee its customers’ privacy and confidentiality.

When the manager comes to report on the benefits of the SE system, she can access centralised reports and has full visibility of branch printer usage and costs and can easily show the decline in paper usage, the reduced costs and increased productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the number of devices required with a server-based, rather than device-based, system
  • Streamline processes, increase accuracy and free staff from lengthy administrative tasks by digitising workflows and automating document filing
  • Boost security with multi-layered security features, from PIN requirement to user profiles
  • Enjoy full visibility of printer usage and potentially wasteful areas with reports and monitoring, on a per-person or per-department basis
  • Save money and time, and reduce your environmental impact, by digitising documents and reducing the amount of paper used

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