In the hospitality industry, it’s crucial that everything from events to service to back-office processes are perfect to ensure that paying guests receive the quality of care and attention they deserve.

SENDYS Explorer has a range of capabilities, from improving workflows to printing stunning graphics, that help your hospitality business improve customer relationships, reduce inefficiencies and save money, so you can focus on providing top-quality service.

The hospitality industry doesn’t just demand high levels of organisation, but also consistent, thorough archiving and filing as well as a personalised, professional and, above all, positive experience. Without the right technology and software, running your hospitality business won’t be easy.

When relying on outdated, paper-based systems, processes such as keeping track of room keys, check ins and check outs, become unnecessarily complex. Add to that the need to, for example, quickly print an invoice or photocopy a waiting customer’s ID on an unreliable device without cloud connectivity across multiple sites, and you’re facing frustrated customers at best, free-falling profits at worst.

With SENDYS Explorer, your hospitality business can boost efficiencies, run more smoothly and, ultimately, provide customers with a better, more streamlined service. The modular, extendable server-based framework makes scanning, filing and sharing documents in real-time easier than ever and allows documents to be accessed using even multiple MFPs across various sites or branches, cutting device costs. Plus, pull-printing allows for monitoring and tracking of print costs for both large and small chains, reducing paper wastage and expensive false prints.

Room keys, menus, itineraries, name cards and more can be personalised and printed quickly from any enabled device, creating a unique customer experience for visitors and ensuring consistency across your branding. Logging guests, scanning documents and printing reports is both cost-effective and totally secure; scanned data is readable and searchable once digitised, linked via XML message to H(A)MS and only accessible to those with authorisation.

The cloud connectivity and mobile apps doesn’t just ensure flexibility and speed for the business; it also allows guests to enjoy top-quality facilities. If a customer requires printing services, they can access SENDYS via their mobile device.

  • Centrally controlled folders can be shared with other branches or linked via XML message to H(A)MS
  • As a server-based solution, rather than device-based, SENDYS is highly cost-effective for hospitality businesses with multiple branches
  • Shared Print allows for forms, brochures, maps and more to be stored on any device, for anyone to print when required
  • Print graphic materials, from double-sided signage to outdoor banners, up to 120cm with A4 and A3 printers
  • SENDYS Explorer Output Manager lets registered guests print directly using the WIFI network from their mobile device and, to ensure personal documents remain private, they can authenticate their print with their room card
  • Automatically charge print costs to each guest using an XML/JSON message via the HMS with print job details to enable billing at check-out
  • Automated alerts, as well as printer status and usage reports monitor print and toner usage, helping you avoid to downtime and save money

Use Cases

ID/Passport Scanning

When relying on paper-based processes, filing and then finding documents, for example a guest’s details, can be a lengthy process and in any hospitality business, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting. Delays and poor customer service result in unhappy customers who won’t return to your establishment.


In a busy hotel occupying several buildings across a large site, the receptionist would have several customers waiting at any time as she waited for their ID and/or passport to scan or searched manually for paper documents, resulting in unhappy guests and poor customer service.


Using SENDYS Explorer, the receptionist was able to quickly scan both sides of the customer’s ID and SE automatically created a one-page PDF document that was then archived in an assigned location, rather than relying on print-outs in physical folders.

This data, including the guest’s stay history, billing information and reservation details, could then be easily found again for future use, but only by staff members with the right authorisation on their personal user profile to ensure customer confidentiality.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly digitise documents with one-touch scanning
  • Easily locate scanned, filed documents when you need them
  • Ensure customer confidentiality with secure user access
  • Save money using a server-based, rather than device-based, solution across multiple units and/or branches

On-demand Branch Printing

Personalised materials and documents can make the difference between good customer service and great customer service by making guests feel genuinely valued. Relying on an external printer, sending the design and waiting for the materials to be delivered, however, can be both a costly process and a lengthy one.


A wedding is taking place at a large hotel spread across multiple sites, but due to issues with a local printer the banners, signage and table settings haven’t arrived. The wedding party are currently at another branch of the hotel, so the hotel staff are liaising with the wedding planner to get all the information they need.


From the main office, the receptionist prepares the required materials, including personalised banners, individually-named place settings and signs to direct guests. She uploads them to SENDYS Explorer’s centralised shared folder so the branch office can print the artworks, up to A3 size, from their MFP and start decorating the venue. They spot an error, but are quickly able to access the file, edit it and reprint.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly share and edit documents across large sites
  • Create stunning, high-quality graphics up to A3 size in-house. Save space and costs with the SFP smart touch panel - even if you don’t have an MFP
  • Reduce costs by only printing what you need, when you need it
  • Never wait for external printers to deliver again

Mobile Guest Printing

For any business customer service is key, but in the hospitality industry being able to offer your guests the best facilities is of the utmost importance. If you fail to provide a guest with the amenities they require, they aren’t going to return to your establishment.


A guest at a small hotel is attending a business conference later that day, but realises she hasn’t printed the documents she needs for the conference or her plane ticket home. She has everything she needs saved on her laptop and smartphone, but has no way of printing them.


With SENDYS Explorer, the guest is able to use the Pull-Printing function to print everything she needs via the WIFI network from her smartphone and laptop and the hotel manager shows her how to use her room card to authenticate the print out of her flight details to ensure total security and privacy.

The hotel manager then assigns the print cost to the guest’s account, while SENDYS Explorer creates an XML/JSON message including the job’s details and files it in the Hotel Management System, so she can pay when she checks out.

Key Benefits

  • Provide above-and-beyond service for customers, as well as covering back-office needs
  • Ensure security with room card print authorisation
  • Improve customer service by offering instant wireless printing, without the need for wires or driver downloads
  • Reduce staff time spent on administrative tasks by automatically updating the Hotel Management System
  • Prevent over-spending on printing by assigning charges directly to guests’ accounts

Remote Management

Running a restaurant means keeping an eye on overheads, but that doesn’t just include stock and sales. In the back office, profits can be harmed by something as simple as not monitoring print costs, resulting in wastage and losses that could easily be saved.


The owner of a restaurant chain with multiple branches is concerned about the business’ printing costs, but is struggling to identify which restaurant’s back office is the source of the wastage. The branches are spread out over a large area, but the owner needs to monitor all of the restaurants’ paper and toner usage.


With SENDYS Explorer’s Fleet Control, notifications alert both the owner and restaurant managers when consumables run out as well as monitoring print usage across all branches, saving money as stock is only replenished when necessary.

The SE system also provides the owner with detailed printer usage and status reports, enabling him to spot which restaurant’s MFP is printing duplicate documents in error. Using the Output Management application, the IT team can then troubleshoot, repair and monitor the device remotely.

To prevent this from happening again, the restaurant owner establishes rules requiring user authentication before printing, so he can keep an eye on staff’ printer usage and deter them from wastage, saving the restaurant time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Identify and spot wasteful print jobs with SENDYS Fleet Control
  • Reduce costs by only replacing consumables when required thanks to alerts
  • Stay on top of print costs and printer status with detailed reports
  • Save time by managing your MFP remotely with Output Manager
  • Minimise your carbon footprint by reducing paper wastage

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