In this section we will cover what data we keep and how we use it.

Collected Data


When you create an account, we will store your Email

Your Email is used as an ID for signing in, and also for notifications and support.


Your Name is used to identify you on posts in the support forum


When you log in, we use your IP to create a session cookie.

Your IP is also recorded in access logs for security reasons. These will be deleted periodically.

3rd Parties

We do not share your personal data.

Microsoft Azure is a service we use for hosting SENDYSExplorer. This is where your data is stored.

Google Analytics gives us statistical data about SENDYSExplorer. We do not use any track individual users.

For how long do we store your data?

Until you decide to delete your account.

Right to erasure

You have a right to erasure of all your personal data. You may do so from your account.

When you delete your account your all personal data will be removed and your ID (Email) will be replaced with a random alphanumeric string.

Any entries you may have created, like posts, answers or comments will remain, but author will be marked as deleted.

Data that may have been stored in logs or backups will be removed during automatic rollover.

Other rights

You also have the right to access your data, and the right to request clarification about your rights if you think we do not use your data in an appropriate way.