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Alidata is a Portuguese company with a team of 110 specialised employees and over 30 years of experience in the national and international market.

We supply a wide range of  Integrated and Specialised Management Solutions, complemented by Hardware Solutions, which are implemented in over 10.000 companies.

We are experts in developing and implementing Financial Management Solutions and leaders in the industrial sector, being highly specialised in the Automotive Industry.

We benefit from a direct relationship with Users, the Tax Administration and Regulatory Authorities in order to give a timely and adequate response, to the specific needs of organisations as well as changes in legislation. In fact, we firmly believe that direct customer service is a key factor to our success.

Alidata is a software company with a culture of centralising multiple customer-focused functional and technological expertise. We believe in an unrivalled quality service in the IT market in general, and specifically ERP the market.

For almost 30 years our management solutions and technologies have impacted the lives of thousands of people and businesses every day.

Visit us at www.alidata.pt.