Keep private documents safe from prying eyes and out of the wrong hands with user authorisation.


Ensure GDPR compliance by using pull-printing, secure logins and PIN codes to ensure every document is stored, transferred and printed securely.

Go Green

Clamp down on wasteful and unnecessary printing by requesting user authentication to access or print documents, so you know who is printing what.


  • Job release and job management via PIN, username/password, card release or smartphone
  • Email notifications to the user when a print job is restricted
  • Re-print option available from job history
  • Native iOS and Android mobile app to support print and scan job release
  • From the smart device panel documents can be selected and previewed, printed or deleted
  • Job sharing between manager and secretary (printing on behalf of others)
  • Job delegation (sharing) to other users or to department
  • Job sharing and job delegation can be integrated into third-party mobile messaging systems
  • Limit job history and print spooler by a configurable period of time
  • Delete pending print outs when a job is held half-way because, for example, the paper tray is empty
  • Preview the first page of a print job by job owner and administrator (dependent on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))
  • Access devices by user authentication for printing, copying and scanning allowing only defined profiles to be used


Increased security and privacy by hiding your documents from prying eyes.

The Pull-Printing function ensures security in a range of ways; from deleting pending printouts which have been forgotten to requiring a PIN code, password or card to authenticate print jobs, scans and copies, your documents will never fall into the wrong hands.


  • Fully Directory SERVICE integration
  • LDAP compliant
  • Username and password login
  • PIN code login
  • RFID card login
  • Login via smartphone and device QR code
  • Active Directory Users and Groups can be imported into its internal LDAP service
  • Active Directory groups can become Cost Centres such that print/copy costs are assigned to Groups allowing cross charging or recharging, enabling centralised budgeting for print/copy activity
  • Includes a user authentication module for secure access to perform document capture processes and improve the security of documents in the print job workflows
  • Authentication and mobility
  • User self-card registration at all smart devices (MFPs and printers) via card reader
  • User self-smartphone registration at all smart devices via QR code


SENDYS Explorer comes with a user authentication module in all versions. This further improves the security of device access by only allowing pre-defined local users (or existing LDAP users) to enable the MFP functions and job workflows.

User authentication allows the administrator to control who is printing (when pull-printing is enabled) copying or scanning, as well as when and how often they’re doing so, increasing efficiency as well as ensuring confidentiality.


  • Single sign on when making device authentication
  • Fully LDAP Compliant
  • Guest and Windows accounts
  • SAP compliant :

    • Print Direct from SAP
    • Pull print Release SAP
  • GDPR Compliant :

    • User Policy definition
    • User Policy acceptance
    • User deletion request
    • User data request
    • Full data deletion


SENDYS Explorer is fully LDAP and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, allowing for Active Directory Users and Groups to be imported into its internal LDAP service. Active Directory groups can also become Cost Centres, so print and/or copy costs are assigned to Groups for cross charging or recharging, enabling streamlined, centralised budgeting for any business unit.

Protect your documents and ensure your company is compliant with SENDYS Explorer.


  • Pull-Printing: Secure print output (PIN, username/password or card release). Job history and print spooler limited by a configurable period of time
  • Pull-Printing: Selection of "pending" print outs when a job is held half-way (e.g. paper tray empty). Feature linked to hardware capability
  • Direct-Printing: Secure print output (PIN or card release)
  • Print preview (first page) by job owner and administrator (enabled depending on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its country application)
  • Copying: Access device by user authentication
  • Scanning: Access device by user authentication and scan to logged-in user (scan to user) ONLY, or (scan to AD users) ONLY


SENDYS Explorer ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your documents, so only those with authorisation can access them.

Features such as pull-printing, user authentication, secure device logins and user profiles ensure GDPR-compliance.

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