Easy to share

Upload and print documents from your MFP to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and more.


Boost productivity and efficiency by scanning directly to any enabled cloud application.


Access documents anywhere, any time and on any device via the cloud.


  • Scan to me (document repository)
  • Email
  • Email-to-fax server
  • Home folder
  • Document repository enables users to privately access their files, search text strings within a document’s content and to track the status of all scanned jobs
  • Upload documents. Bulk document conversion tasks can be performed by selecting multiple files via the web interface
  • Email documents and forward emails with attached documents to be converted, stored and printed
  • One click secure scanning to Microsoft SharePoint®, OneDrive® for Business, Google Drive and Dropbox with folder browsing and file storing under the user’s profile at the smart device panel.


Easily digitise documents by scanning them from your MFP, laptop, smartphone or tablet device to any readable format, then uploading to your choice of cloud document solution, including Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive , OneDrive for Business and Google Drive.


  • On-demand printing
  • BOX (centralized documents sharing) to all smart devices including icon preview on smart device panel
  • Native iOS and Android app
  • Enable users to send print jobs (and scan jobs) and pick prints up later at any enabled device
  • Print standard office format files directly on the device.
  • Print from cloud connectors with no need for a PC, as you can access files directly from a device :

    • SharePoint ®
    • Google Drive ®
    • DropBox ®
    • OneDrive ®


Print directly from the cloud via any device.

Browse and release any PDF format, image or Microsoft Office document directly from the MFP panel, smartphone/tablet or web interface – no additional server licences required.


  • OCR (performed at server side) for the scanned image and scan job OCR indexing
  • Transform your digital documents into the following formats:

    • TXT
    • TIFF
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • PDF and searchable PDF
    • PDF/A
  • (OPTIONAL) ABBYY OCR integration provides additional output formats: editable documents such as Microsoft Word® and Excel®
  • Convert documents when print :

    • Accepts any standard office format
    • Direct print from cloud services
    • Direct email Print
    • File upload/WebPrint


For easy text extraction from paper or digital documents, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability is included as standard.

SENDYS Explorer also enables you to convert all scanned documents into a range of readable formats, including PDF and TXT. You can generate file names automatically, save the files straight into a folder, FTP, email-fax server, an email or your choice of application and/or cloud service provider.

SENDYS Explorer offers highly accurate conversion of images into searchable PDF and PDF/A for the purpose of structuring, searching and archiving.

Easily print any scanned document from the MFP panel, smartphone/tablet or web interface.

Use Cases

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Scan directly to
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Create custom
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Guarantee that confidential
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Monitor print costs
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Manage and access
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