About Output Manager

The Output Manager allows the administrator to manage every user’s print, copy and scan jobs, ensuring complete security and privacy whilst reducing costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

With Output Manager you have the complete visibility of printing spend allowing you to adapt document processes to prevent waste. Cutting-edge technology means being able to stop colour printing by default and end uncollected documents to save paper.

Through detailed reports, Output Manager provides Management Information detailing printer use on a departmental or individual basis and enables automatic payments, so you can enjoy the time and money saved by automating and streamlining business processes.


  • Hardware fleet overview, usage statistics (print/copy/scan) per user and department, device/alerts dashboard (paper jam, power-off)
  • Alert message queue to generate automatic email notifications
  • Device alerts in real-time and error logs (export to CSV)
  • Administration, purchasing and facilities
  • Supplies dashboard takes into account the model configuration, e.g. type of meter reading and toner (and other consumables) used by every machine within the monitored fleet
  • Consumables management for all connected devices (with alerts when consumable level reaches x%)
  • Consumables management: history (start date/end date) report, including forecasting
  • Calculates the number of days remaining before the next low level occurs, as well as the time it will take for the toner to run out completely
  • IT Support and Remote Support and printer/MFP/BYOD management
  • The Output Management application allows remote access for IT troubleshooting and monitoring (via Admin Console)
  • Auto (remote) configuration for smart devices (MFPs and printers)
  • Remote support from the smart device panel connecting to the Admin Console in real-time
  • Device discovery, scan your network so you can quickly install and configure your new added devices.
  • Firmware updates, manage the firmware on your devices remotely, allowing you to upgrade at a time that suits you, for example, overnight or over the weekend.


With Remote Support, IT troubleshooting and monitoring can be managed from the smart device panel or remotely via the Administration Console in real-time.

Queue alerts and messages or generate automatic email notifications when faults occur or consumables run out.

Auto (remote) configuration for smart devices (MFPs and printers).

Card readers and registration at all smart devices (MFPs and printers).

Remote consumable management for all connected devices (report providing alert when consumable level is at x%).


  • Pull-Printing: Secure print output (PIN, username/password or card release). Job history and print spooler limited by a configurable period of time
  • Pull-Printing: Selection of "pending" print outs when a job is held half-way (e.g. paper tray empty). Feature linked to hardware capability
  • Direct-Printing: Secure print output (PIN or card release)
  • Print preview (first page) by job owner and administrator (enabled depending on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its country application)
  • Copying: Access device by user authentication
  • Scanning: Access device by user authentication and scan to logged-in user (scan to user) ONLY, or (scan to AD users) ONLY


SENDYS Explorer ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your documents, so only those with authorisation can access them.

Features such as pull-printing, user authentication, secure device logins and user profiles ensure GDPR-compliance.


  • Job release and job management via PIN, username/password, card release or smartphone
  • Email notifications to the user when a print job is restricted
  • Re-print option available from job history
  • Native iOS and Android mobile app to support print and scan job release
  • From the smart device panel documents can be selected and previewed, printed or deleted
  • Job sharing between manager and secretary (printing on behalf of others)
  • Job delegation (sharing) to other users or to department
  • Job sharing and job delegation can be integrated into third-party mobile messaging systems
  • Limit job history and print spooler by a configurable period of time
  • Delete pending print outs when a job is held half-way because, for example, the paper tray is empty
  • Preview the first page of a print job by job owner and administrator (dependent on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))
  • Access devices by user authentication for printing, copying and scanning allowing only defined profiles to be used


Increased security and privacy by hiding your documents from prying eyes.

The Pull-Printing function ensures security in a range of ways; from deleting pending printouts which have been forgotten to requiring a PIN code, password or card to authenticate print jobs, scans and copies, your documents will never fall into the wrong hands.


  • Job Accounting, Cost Recovery and Overall Dashboard
  • The Output Management application provides detailed Management Information through a series of customisable reports, informing who is printing what and when, on a departmental or even individual basis. This enables internal recharging and complete visibility of all print and copy costs
  • Extended reporting for creation of detailed analyses and reports, definition of filters and columns in reports which can be scheduled for automatic email distribution
  • Report for cost savings and environmental savings: purged pages reports, pages saved, environmental reports (CO2, trees units)
  • User accounting: copy/print/scan and volume/cost reporting (export to CSV)
  • Device accounting: copy/print/scan and volume/cost reporting (export to CSV)
  • Device accounting to consolidate billing (copy/print/scan volume) for all print fleet reporting (export to CSV)


When you can see exactly who is printing what, MFP users become more conscientious and subsequently less wasteful.

SENDYS Explorer’s fleet overview offers detailed usage statistics per user or per department, with in-depth reports allowing you to see immediately where wasteful printing occurs and alerts notifying you of device issues such as paper jams.


  • Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies
  • Use pre-built filters to fix simple problems like encouraging double-sided printing or creating your own custom advanced logic and apply for different objects (users, groups, printers, queues, roles)
  • Control Document Output by matching Job Name (Application) or by containing “xyz”
  • User Restrictions applicable per user or group
  • Reduce costs enforcing money-saving policies e.g. ONLY mono printing, cancelling unauthorised print-outs
  • Automatic colour to mono (or colour to gray scale) job conversion when a user has restrictions (conversion occurs as soon as the job arrives at the print server)
  • Pull-Printing: Changing document printing options when released at MFP panel - user will be able to select colour/mono and simplex/duplex > Section - on-demand printing features
  • DIRECT printing but limiting number of pages, above a threshold, print job is diverted to the pull-printing spooler
  • Control document output by matching Job Name (application) and/or certain characters or phrases
  • Enforce a limit on the number of pages (print/copy, colour/mono) allowed to be printed per day, week, month or year
  • Remotely cancel unauthorised print-outs
  • Automatically convert colour jobs to mono for users with restricted profiles


With pre-built filters and customisable rules, reducing print costs is easy and requires no knowledge of coding or scripting. Simply encouraging double-sided printing and making users responsible for their own print choices can minimise waste; if a job from a user matches a rule, then it automatically notifies the user about the restrictions.

Being able to tell users how much printouts costs, seeing who is printing in colour and sending uncollected documents adds accountability to the print process, whilst reducing print costs and paper wastage.

SENDYS Explorer boosts productivity whilst saving you money.


  • The Output Management application can control and restrict usage by allocating a quota (number of mono/colour pages) or allowance (a credit. The quota specifications can be :

    • Department Quota
    • User Quota
    • Device Quota
    • Shared Quota
  • For example, a user might be allocated €10.00 a month, as required by schools, academies and universities
  • Pay per print, copy, and scan and set up different prices for prints according to user or type of job (such as colour or B&W)
  • Total pages (print/copy) (colour/B&W) quota renew per day/week/month/year)
  • Alternatively, you can pay per print, copy and scan. Set up different prices for prints according to user or type of job (such as colour or mono prints)
  • Quota Types(Volume / Value / Color)
  • Alert Percent
  • Quota Priority


Quota Management per user and/or per group can control and restrict user and/or department printer usage by allocating a quota (e.g. a number of mono/colour print/copy pages) or an allowance (a credit).

For example, a user might be allocated €10.00 a month, as required by schools, academies and universities.

Credit and billing capabilities means SENDYS Explorer also allows for credit accounts to be recharged by users via mobile, or automatically topped-up, and the Payment System is easily integrated with existing credit systems, minimising both expenses and hassle.

SENDYS Explorer boosts productivity whilst saving you money.

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