About Fleet Manager

SENDYS Explorer’s Fleet Manager tool allows you to remotely view the real-time status of all your printers and MFPs. The hardware fleet overview offers usage statistics, as well as device alerts on a personalised dashboard in the event of jams or power issues.

Device alerts in real-time and error logs enable easier maintenance, improving efficiency, as well as increased cost-effectiveness through faster, more efficient consumables management, ensuring you're never without toner when you need it. Find out more about SENDYS Explorer Fleet Manager


  • Hardware fleet overview, usage statistics (print/copy/scan) per user and department, device/alerts dashboard (paper jam, power-off)
  • Alert message queue to generate automatic email notifications
  • Device alerts in real-time and error logs (export to CSV)
  • Administration, purchasing and facilities
  • Supplies dashboard takes into account the model configuration, e.g. type of meter reading and toner (and other consumables) used by every machine within the monitored fleet
  • Consumables management for all connected devices (with alerts when consumable level reaches x%)
  • Consumables management: history (start date/end date) report, including forecasting
  • Calculates the number of days remaining before the next low level occurs, as well as the time it will take for the toner to run out completely
  • IT Support and Remote Support and printer/MFP/BYOD management
  • The Output Management application allows remote access for IT troubleshooting and monitoring (via Admin Console)
  • Auto (remote) configuration for smart devices (MFPs and printers)
  • Remote support from the smart device panel connecting to the Admin Console in real-time
  • Device discovery, scan your network so you can quickly install and configure your new added devices.
  • Firmware updates, manage the firmware on your devices remotely, allowing you to upgrade at a time that suits you, for example, overnight or over the weekend.


With Remote Support, IT troubleshooting and monitoring can be managed from the smart device panel or remotely via the Administration Console in real-time.

Queue alerts and messages or generate automatic email notifications when faults occur or consumables run out.

Auto (remote) configuration for smart devices (MFPs and printers).

Card readers and registration at all smart devices (MFPs and printers).

Remote consumable management for all connected devices (report providing alert when consumable level is at x%).


  • Job Accounting, Cost Recovery and Overall Dashboard
  • The Output Management application provides detailed Management Information through a series of customisable reports, informing who is printing what and when, on a departmental or even individual basis. This enables internal recharging and complete visibility of all print and copy costs
  • Extended reporting for creation of detailed analyses and reports, definition of filters and columns in reports which can be scheduled for automatic email distribution
  • Report for cost savings and environmental savings: purged pages reports, pages saved, environmental reports (CO2, trees units)
  • User accounting: copy/print/scan and volume/cost reporting (export to CSV)
  • Device accounting: copy/print/scan and volume/cost reporting (export to CSV)
  • Device accounting to consolidate billing (copy/print/scan volume) for all print fleet reporting (export to CSV)


When you can see exactly who is printing what, MFP users become more conscientious and subsequently less wasteful.

SENDYS Explorer’s fleet overview offers detailed usage statistics per user or per department, with in-depth reports allowing you to see immediately where wasteful printing occurs and alerts notifying you of device issues such as paper jams.

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