SENDYS Explorer transforms the way you work.
Be more productive with more time and less hassle - and drive your business forward.

Discover how SENDYS Explorer integrates and improves the working life of every team in an organisation.

For marketing teams

For marketers, the SENDYS Explorer suite offers a truly collaborative experience. All users can be synchronised with Active Directory, giving them access to all digitised documents and keeping everyone in the loop.

Documents can be captured from MFPs, mobile devices, email, and desktop and easily shared and edited with other users, wherever they are. Also, with Microsoft SharePoint integration and the use of numerous cloud services, there’s less time spent emailing back and forth or waiting for print outs and more time to drive the business forward.

For CEOs

Using SENDYS Explorer, CEOs can gain a clear overview of the way their company works. Even when on the go, access and even print documents via Dropbox, OneDrive or other cloud systems, or using the native iOS or Android apps – there’s no need to be stuck to a PC.

It’s easy to gain a 360-degree insight into the business with real-time data lookup from any ODBC-compliant database with Flex Connector. Easy reporting makes printing expenditure clear and accessible, so you can see where money is lost and, thanks to Output Manager, end wasteful print jobs remotely, saving you money.

For IT teams

IT teams can rest easy with SENDYS Explorer. When things go wrong, the system alerts the administrator to any issues, averting an office-wide shutdown. Plus, with advanced security features such as PIN requirements and contactless card unlocking, privacy and safety are guaranteed.

Set up and installed within minutes, and with multiple devices able to be connected to the same server licence, SENDYS Explorer offers simplified operations and faster data transfers from day one. Plus, it integrates smoothly with existing systems and document formats, from MRC-compressed searchable PDFs to editable Microsoft Word and Excel sheets.

For HR departments

SENDYS Explorer helps any HR department save time, save money and help save the environment, too. With pull-printing it’s possible to stop wasteful jobs before they run up an expensive bill, end uncollected documents and as such reduce the office’s carbon footprint.

The software also helps improve accountability, as the system tracks who’s printing which documents and at what cost, making users more conscientious with their printing and remotely controlling expensive factors, such as default colour printing, saves money and makes the office greener.

For finance departments

With smart pay-per-print copying and scanning, SENDYS Explorer’s cutting-edge technology and output manager solutions can result in significant savings and faster, more efficient processes for finance teams.

Users can recharge credit via their mobile device, or an administrator can auto-recharge single or grouped accounts for hassle-free payment. The Payment System easily integrates with existing credit systems and, with a hardware fleet overview, easy-to-understand usage statistics and device alerts, SENDYS Explorer saves time and boosts productivity.

For managers

For managers in any sector, SENDYS Explorer makes workflows faster and more efficient. With the cloud-integrated software, documents can be uploaded, shared, edited and printed by authorised users anytime, anywhere.

The system also saves money and boosts efficiency, as intelligent rules can limit user behaviour and enforce printing policies, for example always printing double-sided or mono printing. Also, mobile compatibility ensures that even if a manager is away from their desk, they’re always in the loop.

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Scan directly to
cloud applications

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Create custom
workflows and rules

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Guarantee that confidential
files are kept safe

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Monitor print costs
and reduce wastage

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Manage and access
documents remotely

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